On the Nature of Self; Dawning of Awareness

It’s been over a week since the Who am I trauma, so Piglet has had some time to mull over the existential implications of nothingness and being. Bear in mind, a week is a quarter of a lifetime for her, so that’s a lot of mulling.

Piglet decides to face herself, as a external reality separate and distinct from the cosmos.

She thinks: ‘I am…, yes, I… am.’

Of course, her huge ever-growing pulsating brain already knew that, so that’s OK.

Then she thinks: ‘I rule from the centre of the ultraworld.’

This sense of universal power wraps her in a comforting Orb of contentment.

But doubts arise in the hearts of contented men (and babies, probably).

She thinks: ‘Am I alone at the centre? … Perhaps not.’

She thinks: I am not alone. I am not… everything.’

The protective selfishness of her world is pierced, and momentarily she sees all the forces of the cosmos around her, the distances, the other presences, the other presences that persist outside her thinking of them. Briefly, she glimpses all the intersecting planes of all shapes stretching out in all directions. She sees through singularities, stands at the shore of a universe at once complex and simple. She relishes the beauty of everything.

The curtain closes again, and it’s all too much.

Staring Into the Far Distance

Rebecca has been out with the proper camera. When Piglet’s not staring into the middle distance, she’s staring into the far distance. She seems really interested in the roof beams.


At some point along the line we came up with a name more suitable for her than Piglet. We had been through lots of names websites, books of names, even the Catalan online registry. We were looking for a Catalan name, but something that would work at home too with too many pronunciation hassles.

Eventually we came to thinking of things that meant something to both of us, and that naturally lead to kayaking. On a whim, I looked up the Catalan word for ‘river’ and that was that. In the end, it was quite simple, once we waited for the name to announce itself.

Baby Piglet will be known as ‘Riu.’

Click on the link above to hear ‘Riu’ pronounced.

Los Granizados

The two grandmothers celebrate…

It’s Granny Kennedy’s wedding anniversary today. I wish my dad was still around to toast his first grandchild; he would have been a cool granddad.