Carry-on Burrito

The lesser-spotted stripy Burrito.

This rare creature can sleep for up to eight hours when swaddled correctly to prevent flailing arms and jerky legs from waking her up and disturbing her parents’ slumber.

On the Importance of Being Orange

Everyone knows that @jimkennedy’s favourite colour is orange. You can tell this by the colour of his tie, his kayak, and his daughter’s hair.

Yes, we think Piglet is going to be a ‘peliroja’. Very exotic here in Catalunya. Seriously.

Dear Cuz

We took Piglet to meet her new cousin, Baby Ben.

Piglet gave him a good look-over, since she’s all grown up and can open her eyes and focus them n stuff.

‘Uh-oh’, she said, ‘I’m not The Baby anymore, I’m Which baby?’ ‘This sucks’ was written all over her face.

‘It wasn’t me’, said her shifty eyes.


Piglet has a paternal cousin, the first one, as of today. Nicola just had a baby in Dublin, the day before Riu goes to Ireland to see her Granizado Kennedy for the first time.

This is Riu, reacting to the news.


UPDATE: It’s a boy, and he weighs 3.62873896 kilograms, except in old money.


This picture is brought to you by the colour Orange, which I don’t normally wear, and not Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, which I do.