A Lifetime of Mystery Begins…

Riu has lost her first sock. Where did it go?

It went missing somewhere between along Calle Escorial or Placa Joanic.

How many socks do you lose? Why does it have to happen to one so young? Oh the injustice, oh the humanity.

Uncle Eamon

When we were growing up there was an Uncle Eamon in the family.

Thanks to the little one and my brother, we now have an Uncle Eamon in the family again. It all comes around.

Laughing Piglet on the Camino

We found this photo of the piggy buried on the camera, so I thought we would put it up. On the first day of the camino, about eight kilometres into the hiking, we arrived at the first significant waymarker – the refuge at Orisson.

I think she was laughing because she had no idea we were about to hike up and over the Pyrenees.

The pox

Her first holiday over, Little Pilgrim Piglet was looking supersadface. Then we realised she was coming down with the pox.

Mono y Mona

After her big hike, little Piglet was so overjoyed to be reunited with her Mono that she fell asleep. 

Accredited Peregrino

The Littlest Pilgrim and her credencial for her peregrination from St Jean to Logrono, whence we took a bus to Bilbao to say hello to the Puppy and find some more delicioso Pastel Vasco.

The Littlest Pilgrim

Little Piglet caused quite a stir on our travels, and news of our comings and goings travelled far and wide. Quite often we met with groups of other peregrinos who had already heard of us.

Naturally, she was full of smiles and made lots of new friends and has any number of new fans, not least, the lovely man in the Albergue Peregrino Casa Austriana in Los Arcos who made this cool memento for her.

It was there that we also learned a new meaning for Riu’s name. In Japanese, Riu means Dragon – with her flame red hair and burnt orange eyebrows, hear her ROOOOOOOOAR!