Meet our new Baby-sitter


Ba-dum tssh.

{Not that I have to justify anything to anybody, but that’s biscuit all over her clothing, ok? I mean, you saw what she did to the broccoli.}

I am green today

Just in case you were wondering why the sudden increase in bedtime bathings, here’s a clue:

That’s right folks, our little baby loves broccoli. She loves it up her nose, under her chin, in her clothes…

Tee hee hee.

OMFG fans, what’s floating in the bath?

So there I was, like totes chillin’ in the bath.

You would not believe what came floating past me. It was like, totes crazy, dude.

So I picked it up, cos I am a Brave Little Soldier.

And whaddaya know,

Blue is totes a new food group.

Baby does Bath-time

This week is brought to you by Bath-time! Riu loves bath-time, not least since the introduction of some tranquil miniature anatidaes and light reading material to her nightly candlelight swim.

Quelle poseur professionale