The Look Book

Riu has taken to modelling the next latest baby fashions. A busy day on shoot involved no less than five costume changes, but this hard-working heroine doesn’t get out of bed for anything less.

Here’s a snapshot of the little lady arriving on set with her daddy, so proud to see his little girl off on her first day of work.

Model wears her own Patagonia Sun Hat fastened under the chin and Ashay y Emmay super light cotton paisley print smock worn over Peter Pan collar short sleeved body,as seen on the Louis Vuitton SS 12 runway.

(This look is sponsored by Ash and Ollie, Kate and Ferg. Riu says THX!!!)

Someone Call Stacey!

Help! Let me free! Someone call Stacey and Social Services. I deserve freedom too.  I’m helpless in this cage. Can you believe my own father built it with his own hands?

An Instrument of Torture!

Estadi Olímpic de Montjuïc

On Sunday Piglet went to the stadium where the Barcelona Olympics were held in 1992.

Rolling in style these days. This was the last preparation for the Camino de Santiago. The team leaves on Thursday.

Cage Rage

The little Piglet’s pig pen is getting too little for her. She’s not shy about expressing her need for a bed more becoming her size. So far, though, she hasn’t managed to escape.

Some nights a little arm can be found sticking out through the bars, sometimes a tiny leg, right up to the ham.

Art Appreciation

Little critic inspects Jim’s Christmas present from Rebecca.

The original painting is from the Encants second-hand market, with the origami birds added by Rebecca. They are taking flight towards their flock (unseen off in the sky on the right).