Back Home Eating Strawberries

Returned to Barcelona after her exertions on the road, nothing would do for the Piglet except to hang out at home and scoff some strawberries.


Destroyed in strawberries again.

Enough Cycling

We reached the town of Sahagún and decided to call a halt to the cycling. Long-distance cycling is a very silly idea and not one any sane person should undertake. This is why Piglet choose to travel in a trailer rather than cycle herself.

Piglet hopped on the train to nearby Leon and we ran into another Catalan.

Antoni Gaudi himself, me aul mucker, taking it easy outside a building he designed.

Nice one Anto…

Everything Begins at Logroño

We began the cycling leg of the Camino in Logroño travelling west along the N-120 national road. Coincidentally, the N-120 itself begins at Logroño.

This means that the kilometer markers are customised exactly for our journey. Every kilometer there’s a little marker. Every ten kilometers there’s a big pillar like this one that we celebrate by ringing our bells.

Yay! 200 kilometers cycled so far.

Happy Birthday Papa

Piglet loves camping, and she loves being up bright and early too.

She’s a bit of a camping afficianado at this point.

Later that same day, we celebrated Papa’s birthday by cycling one of our longest days – about 67 km.

The weather was beautiful. There were several stands of trees like this one. I think they are silver birch, Jim’s mother’s favourite.

It was a long day in the saddletrailer for the Piglet.

Undulate, baby, undulate.

To Burgos and Beyond

Leaving Belorado behind Piglet steered a steep course out of Villafranca Montes de Oca towards Burgos. You know the kind of hill where signs warn you to test your brakes on the way down? Well, we climbed one of those – a 6% climb over three kilometers.

At the top, we all take a break, and Piglet sees snow for the first time.

We stopped for lunch in Burgos; peregrino statue guy looks wrecked.

The Rain in Spain

Piglet was nice and snug in her trailer, sleeping through the brutal weather. We arrived into the province of Burgo on the second day, already wondering what we were doing…

Eventually we reached the town of Belorado, fluich baite. We took refuge in the first hotel we found.

The following morning the weather was looking a lot better as we set off again.

Piglet laughing at it all again; Rebecca trying to muster a smile, but mostly grimacing through the wetness.

Camino de Santiago – Otra Vez

As you might recall, the first time around Piglet allowed herself to be carried along the Camino de Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port to Logroño. It’s all discussed here: St Jean Pied de Port

So, for the next leg of the Camino Piglet wanted to travel in a little more style – in a bicycle trailer. So she did.

This is the front door of our friend Santiago’s apartment; it’s right on the Camino in downtown Logroño. This is where we finished up the first leg of 200 km.