Los Juegos Olimpicos

Tense times watching the Olympic Games. Piglet is very excited to start slaloming in Sort. We have decided. She is going to be a slalomista.

From Jamie and Lyndall

The presents have been coming thick and fast, and this lovely blue top (and matching pantalones) came all the way from South Africa from Jamie and Lyndall who are celebrating the birth of their second child, Otis.

Piglet says THX!!!

Cumpleaños Feliz – Happy Birthday!

For her first birthday party, Piglet went to the Piknic Electronik dance festival. She loves DJ Sneak and Frivolous, droppin’ those phat beats.

Her friend Ari came in formal wear, a nice touch.

Proper gentleman…

There was cake – cupcake!


There was bunting and a giant ‘1’ balloon.

Birthday kisses.

Riu loves her birthday.

Congratulations Riu and thank you Rebecca. This has been the best year ever.

Paella by the Beach

Piglet went for Sunday paella down by the beach at the invitation of Dan and Charlie.

She had the fideau paella, which is a seafood noodle paella featuring clams, prawns, and squid.

The squid ink makes it all black, inky, and somewhat messy.


Catching Up

The Cap Salut (the health board) send the Piglet a height chart to mark her upcoming first birthday. She’s 65 cm in height, which is tall for a piglet.

Officially, Rebecca retains her title as Tallest Female in the Family, but it’s only a matter of time.