Hiking Santiago to Finisterre

Some people like to hike beyond Santiago and on to Finisterre on the coast. It turns out that Riu is one of those people.

Leaving Santiago in the early morning, when the fog is still lying on the ground…

On this leg of the trek it was just Riu and Jim, with Rebecca taking time out to do some study for her Spanish exam.

Riu saw many things on her little extra few days of hiking.

This weir…

These wind turbines…

…and the village of Barça. Well, Barca, but close enough.

A closer look at wind turbines later.

Perritos in Santiago

Always time to stop and look at the little dogs.

This was also one of Riu’s first times to go in the sling but strapped to Rebecca’s back. Granizado Kennedy looks on.

Hanging Out in Santiago

After the camino, we took a few days for ‘un poco de relax’ around the beautiful city of Santiago.

A little more walking practice, this time in her summery finery. Little dress and bolero combo, fashionistas.

Beyond the Camino


Well, I’ve finished the Camino de Santiago but there will be more adventures tomorrow.

Always more adventures tomorrow.

Walking to the Cathedral

Got my new shoes on, going to walk the last bit to the cathedral.

This is my determined face…

Tackling the steps…

One little foot first…

Then the other little foot other first…

Very nearly there…

Very very nearly there…

Yay! I made it!

Buen Camino, Buen Hecho

The littlest pilgrim completes her journey. Her granny completes her journey.

“Tocame cinco!”

And a very happy and special birthday to mammy Rebecca.

Good work team. It has been a privilege to share the road with you all.

Bar Elvis

We stopped off in the town of Reliegos for lunch.

It’s quite a famous little spot on the route.

I’m going back inside now.