El Cid’s Castle

El castillo de El Cid.

Just down the road from the windmills is the castle of El Cid. It’s not in such good shape, but it is pretty old, dating from the Arabic times.

Kisses for Mama…

She almost blends in, except for the purple bearsuit…

In this thermonuclear explosion, her purple bearsuit helps her blend in perfectly.

Tilting at Windmills

Windmills on the horizon…

Riu plays the part of Don Quijote. Rebecca plays the part of Rocinante.

Post-battle calm…

The day at Consuegra was the highlight of our mini-tour of southern Spain.

Castles and Windmills

Riu went to see the castle at Consuegra…

… but mostly Riu went to see the windmills at Consuegra. Giddy up, Mama.


These are the windmills that inspired the classic section of Don Quijote.

Very dramatic lighting, clouds, and landscape.

We camped the night right by the windmills. It was pretty magical.

On The Road Again, Again

After a few days relaxing in Barcelona, it was time to travel south.

Here’s Riu in her grandad’s house in Murcia.

We went to see the sea, at the seaside, beside the sea.

Riu has been learning to climb steps.

She’s fearless about them.

Static Electricity

Riu went for a slide down the inside of the hammock.

It’s a little lesson in how static electricity works.

Riu doesn’t like how static electricity works.

Back With Mama

“Hey, it’s good to be back home again”

“Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend
Yes, ‘n, hey it’s good to be back home again”

Hanging Out in Dublin

Before heading back to Barcelona, Riu hangs out in Dublin.

All wrapped up in her bear suit against the Irish temperatures.

Papa, let’s go home to Barcelona.

Day Off on Croaghpatrick

We all went to Mayo and Riu gave her parents the day off while she went to hang out with Karen and Donnacha in Westport. 

Papa on the hike up Croaghpatrick…

Mama at the summit, overlooking Clew Bay…

No pictures of Riu in this post. Sad face.

Newgrange and Tan

Riu went to Newgrange.

Tan came to Ireland to visit her so she was keen to show him around one of the most impressive sites of ancient Irish civilisation.

Sitting on the ledge of the oldest building in the world.

Ancient hieroglyphics…


Taking a moment to think about it all.