Ominous Efteling

We finally made it to Efteling, our holiday that had been long postponed by Covid, and the weather was ominous.

We went to the street art museum in Amsterdam

The Straat Museum was very cool!

This was one of Riu’s favourites.

I think this tag ‘Graff’ is from Dublin, I seem to remember it from back in the day.

This one of the women was one of Papa’s favourites.

Saoirse liked this little cabin.

Three monkeys from up high.

Nothing lasts forever.

Fun with mirrors.

Sculptures in Amsterdam

We saw Major Alida Margaretha Bosshardt. She saved many Jewish children during the Nazi occupation.

Boí almost got eaten by this lion.


We stayed at Basecamp on the North Sea, just outside of Amsterdam. It has lots of different types of tiny cabins. We tried two different ones.

Pau on the trampoline.