Back in Stradbally

Riu’s second world tour of Ireland takes her back to see her Granizado Kennedy.

This time around she’s like a little PR professional – all straight ahead, eyes on the camera. Still not taking your questions though.

More From the Cousins’ Press Conference

It looks like a little persons’ press conference. Ben listens to one question from a member of the press; Riu accepts the next question in line.

Some cheeky tabloid journalist has just asked something too close to the bone, and gets the frowny-eyebrows admonishment on the one hand and the startled disbelief at the impertinence on the other.

“We have no further comment to make at this time.”

“I repeat, we have no further comment to make. As you can see I am eating my fist. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.”

Contemplating in Carlow

Piglet made it to Carlow to meet-and-greet. She has a big fanbase there, and she has a ready smile for them all.

In between just being there for her peeps, she contemplates her Dad, all alone in Barcelona. Maybe, or maybe she likes the ceiling they have there too.

Tiny baby is coming home tomorrow.

“In fairness”, she thinks, “he’s not completely alone – I did leave Mono to look after the big sap.”

Ben y Riu

Riu and Rebecca are gone to Ireland for a quick visit this week.

Here’s the little piglet meeting her cousin Ben today in Dublin. The last time they met was in September when little Ben had just been born.

Yo! Gangsta.

Christmas Lights

Putting up the Christmas lights for baby’s first Christmas.

As with pretty much everything, she’s not sure what to make of it but after a while she just ignores it. She’s really only interested in things that are milk or things that are made out of sleep.

After milk she tends to get a little tipsy, and she often falls out of her sitting.

Careful there, tiny baby.

A Lifetime of Mystery Begins…

Riu has lost her first sock. Where did it go?

It went missing somewhere between along Calle Escorial or Placa Joanic.

How many socks do you lose? Why does it have to happen to one so young? Oh the injustice, oh the humanity.

Uncle Eamon

When we were growing up there was an Uncle Eamon in the family.

Thanks to the little one and my brother, we now have an Uncle Eamon in the family again. It all comes around.