Rebecca has planted lots of vegetables, and the tomatoes have ripened.

Piglet inspects the first of the crop, paying particular attention to colour, firmness, sheen, and skin texture.

She assesses the tomato carefully and thoroughly before pronouncing judgement…


Carlow Cousins

One of the many great things about living in Barcelona is that eventually everyone will come and visit you.

This is Kiaza, up a tree in the placa.


We have solved the problem of messiness associated with eating strawberries.

Daniel and Riu munching through strawberries in the pool. Self-cleaning, yum.

Visit of the Hossenbacci

Our friends Hassen and Dierdre Hossenbaccus came to visit, bringing little Daniel with them.

Daniel and Riu are now the best of buds.

Patron of the Arts

When Piglet goes out for her stroll in the evening, all the girls say to her parents ‘mira com riu’, which means ‘look how she smiles’.

She’s a happy little bunny piglet.

Artwork commissioned on behalf of Piglet and executed by the lovely @bencameron who you find at