Dinosaurus Piglicus

The dinosaurs have left CosmoCaixa and taken up refuge in Calle Ramon y Cajal. They only come out at nighttime and they keep watch over Piglet while she sleeps.

She’s always trying to get out you see.

Piglet’s First Record

Piglet and Papa went to Revolver Records for her first trip to a record shop. She had no hesitation about what she wanted as her very own first-ever record.

The classic Pure Phase from Spiritualized.

Impeccable credencials; Papa expects she will always make him so proud.

Higher and Faster on the Swings

Back to the swings. Nicola keeps an eye on Riu.

Nicola keeps an eye on Ben.

Scream if you want to go faster.

It’s all about the swings. It’s all about going fast and high on the swings.

Outgrowing the Crib

At the age of nine months, Riu is getting too big to fit in the crib her daddy built.

Time to get a proper pen for the fattening piglet.

Family Trip to Parc Guell

When Granizado Kennedy, Nicola, and Ben came to visit, Riu took everyone on the Magic 116 Bus to Parc Guell.

The two ladies pose for the camera, Ben is more interested in his sock.

Granizado and Riu pose for the camera, Ben checks out something across the street.

Boys, eh?

Ben Visits Riu

Cousin Ben came to town to visit. Riu took him to the swings.

He seems to have enjoyed the experience, having gotten over the bullying he received the last time they met.

She’s a reformed character these days, having left her youthful indiscretions behing her.

Columpio, columpio, swing, swing.

Piglet meets her Newest Cousin, Miriam

As if her social life isn’t busy enough, Piglet’s extended family are producing cousins at a ferocious rate. Picking out outfits is fierce pancake, and so she follows her newest cousin in the fashion de-la-moda at her (the Newest Cousin’s) birthday celebrations in Carlow.

Pink and blue is always a winning combination.

It was cold in Carlow so she had to wear her wooly mittens. Miriam is a star and since her arrival into Ireland mere months ago is acclimatising to the weather wonderfully, much better than her auntie is in Barcelona. Whew.