Little yellow jacket, big yellow clogs

Little Dutch ducks, giving her looks.

Little blue car

They say you are the average of the five people with whom you spend most time. Well, these are my five people; on average I am driving a little blue car.

Check out the registration number.


We went to Japan in Efteling.

We saw these Japanese guys.

We saw these Japanese ladies.

Wrestling guys!

Efteling build architecture

So many cool things they’ve built in Efteling.

We really liked these carts for pulling tired little monkeys around.

In the oldest part of the park there were lots of ‘treehouses.’

Even these simple benches in the auditorium.


The carousel was definitely the family favourite.

We went on the carousel almost every day.

This painting in the carousel hall is fairly out of keeping with the rest of the ambience, but I love it.