Bosque Pintado

There’s a heatwave on at the moment, so it seemed like the perfect time to go check out the Painted Forest, or indeed anything in a forest.

It was a long hot hike into the painted part of the forest, so the Piglet slept through most of the experience.

Bosque Pintado is very, very cool.

Sculptures in Gernika

It wasn’t all about the nature in Gernika, there was lots of culture too.

Piglet inspects a large metal Henry Moore…

… and practices her Indio…

Then there was a big concrete Eduardo Chillida to check out…

OH HAI, just chillin’ at the Chillida.


In the park in Gernika, there were ducks and baby ducks.

OH HAI ducks…

Baby ducks…

That’s How I Roll

It took Piglet a day or two to get used to the nomadic lifestyle. Pretty quickly she figured that the babyseat means that there’s some downtime coming up.

They see me rollin’, I be sleeping.


Piglet is developing a real love for dogs.

She squeals with excitement when a dog comes by. She spots them miles off.


All about the nature on this roadtrip.

Piglet is suspicious of trees for some inscrutable reason. Notice the frown.


One day cows, the next day horses.

More specifically, pygmy ponies (over by the dental floss).

This one was a baby pygmy pony…

Piglet likes them too.


Finally on the roadtrip, Piglet sees some cows in the Basque country.

She likes them.