First Look, and the Importance of Stripes

El bebé was showing no signs of going anywhere, so eventually she had to be from her mother’s womb untimely ripped, as the man said. Pausing only to grab a stripey hat, it was off for a pigout. You’re nobody in this town without a hat.

This is where the pig snorting began. Since we were unsure of a name for her at this point, she became Piglet. If she had been a boy, we would have had a bunch of names from which to choose. Girl’s names are tricky. Stripey hats and clothing are either the way babies are dressed or it’s the fashion this year.

‘Due’ Date

In the early beginning el bebé (as she was known before she became Piglet) was supposed to break out on July 14, Bastille Day. Naively we thought she would arrive on time and we could go to see a gig a week later. This was not to be the case, not remotely.

We got her some noise-cancelling headphone thingies in anticipation of Animal Collective being a little loud for a week-old baby.

El bebé wasn’t in any hurry, so Pink wore the headphones around the house instead.

Hola el mundo

In the beginning Piglet was inside Rebecca, holding up her granizado (a lemon slushie drink).


Piglet, being upsidedown most of the time, didn’t really like it when Rebecca had granizados, as it made her little piggy bum numb. She had porcine numb bum syndrum.