Blast from the Past

Piglet with Santi in Logroño when she had just done the first section of the Camino de Santiago.

She’s now 11 months old but she still seems tiny, that is, until you see photos like this one taken when she was just four months old. Look how little she is.

Ants at the Science Museum

Turns out piglets are completely unfazed by ants.

“Begone and disturb not my porcine slumbering, thou giant six-legged groove machine.”


Sagrada Familia

Piglet went out for a trot to see if the Sagrada Familia was finished yet.

“What? It’s still not finished?”

“But they’ve been building this thing my whole life.”

Piglet and Pigeon

Piglet pets the Pet Pigeon.

We had a pet Pigeon for a few days. The cat who lives behind us wanted to eat it and the neighbour who lives beside us wanted to eat it. Piglet thought it was a type of Pig and wanted to cuddle it.

Eventully it *flew away*.

The Jungle

The Jungle is a Dangerous Place.

You gotta be careful there, Stripy Horse, you never know when a big gust of wind is going to come and knock you right over.